Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Ending Thoughts...

My, oh my – these weeks are flying! Our assessments are finishing up. How far our little ones have come from their first hesitant tries as readers, writers, mathematicians, scientists and social scientists! Do you remember how crickets chirped when I asked them to write a book on the very first day of Writing Workshop in kindergarten? Or how they used water droppers and walked all around the Storybook Garden wondering how water would flow across different surfaces?  You should be so proud of their work these two years. Please know that we do work until the very last days. If your child will miss a day or two, thank you for letting me know ahead of time so everything essential can be completed here. And, although our last two days are half days, they will be full of wonderful moments, too. We will receive and sign our yearbooks. We will meet again to send our fifth graders off in a special way. Each day we will continue learning, writing, reading brand new as well as old favorite big books, singing favorite songs (the children have begun brainstorming those things we must do!) and using our first grade materials (one last time!) What a wonderful way to end the year!

            Know that I have loved every single moment of being your child’s teacher. We have had such wonderful adventures together – sharing amazing stories, engaging in meaningful conversations, creating spectacular presentations, drafting rich books with exquisite pictures, just living blessed lives! We have all learned so much along the way. Thank you for entrusting your precious child to me each day. It has been a gift. Your child – and you – are always welcome in my classroom. Know that I pray for the best for your child and I will always be interested in keeping up with your lives.


Special Events
May 31                      Final Day of our First Grade Talent Show  
June 6                      11:30 Dismissal
June 7                       11:30 Dismissal (Last Day of School)
** Report Card Pick-Up Information ** Please be on the lookout in Dr. Mueller's Center Connections for information on how to pick up your child's report card after school ends. We work diligently on these documents to show how your child has grown as a learner. Thank you.

*CFI library books are due now.
*Return 1st Grade Interactive Reading Log please! ;)
*Return pink primers and official orange first grade textbooks to inventory.

*Cleaning Out Your Book Bags: The children will bring home piles of things – from papers displayed on the wall and favorite writing pieces to their book boxes and math workbooks. Could you please help them remember to empty their book bag each evening so they’ll have room for more things? Those favorite writings and books – we’ll be sure to keep them all together in your child’s official writing folder.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Our Latest News

Greetings, families! What a whirlwind of learning and excitement we’ve shared together. Our Game Day Extravaganza was stellar! What a blast as we focused on many math and social skills! We showcased one-to-one correspondence again and again as we moved our game pieces accurately from place to place… We paid such close attention as turns were taken and confusions surfaced. Negotiations and collaboration were necessary. And, yet, the children concentrated immensely on their strategies, working hard to meet their goals. Such a wonderful experience with all our first grade kids!

I was thrilled to see such precious pictures surface from our Family Dance. (It’s the first one I’ve ever missed!) I’m so glad you were able to celebrate another sweet milestone together.
Did you hear about the visiting therapy dog? We had such a lovely time joining Mrs. Palmatier’s class in learning about Chase. If you’d like more information about purchasing Chase Gets a Medal or his latest book, Chase Gets a Pen Pal, please feel free to call the author.

Know that our learning continues day after day… Now that our science demonstrations are over, the children continue focusing on watching the impromptu experiments they’ve set up as well as some engaging Explorations. Our Writing Workshop has been prolific as kids finish some of their most advanced pieces of first grade. They are enjoying sharing their last round of stories with each other and receiving those reflective “Questions & Comments” from each other!

Thanks for reading!

Home/School Connections
For the Week of May 23-29

*Thanks for finishing up those last reading log prompts and sending them in. I’m gathering some amazing data from the children’s work. I will return them before the end of the year.
* Thinking about Clocks:
Of course, we use clocks best in authentic ways. Isn’t it remarkable though how often young children can identify lunchtime or recess? Most children recognize their bedtimes, too. When we talk about time together, here are some things we notice. I start them at a specific hour – 8:00, for instance, and they can identify the hour and minute hand, “eight o’clock.” We’ll write it down correctly. Then, we’ll move the minute hand slowly around to 8:05, 8:10, 8:15, 8:20, 8:25… As the hands turn and the hour hand begins getting closer to the next hour, young ones may believe the next hour has already come. By beginning at 8:00, and counting every five minutes, children can so much more clearly identify 8:45  - as opposed to seeing that 9:00 come closer and call it 9:45! (I hope this makes sense.) Ideally, first graders can tell time to the hour and half-hour. I know, too, that many of you have digital clocks as opposed to analog ones. However, an analog clock would be a great authentic math tool for your child to use.

Special Events
May 23                     Meet Our New Teacher, Mrs. Shealy (Drop-in from 4-5)
May 25                     Splash Day
May 28                     Memorial Day Holiday
May 30-31               First Grade Talent Show (Details Below)
June 6                      11:30 Dismissal
June 7                       11:30 Dismissal (Last Day of School)

On Splash Day!
* For those of you trying to remember what we do for our SPLASH DAY… Yes, your children will be invited to wear bathing suits for Splash Day. I recommend that the boys wear their swim trunks as their shorts for the day. For the girls’ parents, please be thoughtful of the style of the swimsuit. I suggest wearing the swimsuit underneath their clothes. However, please make sure that they can take them on and off as needed – especially when going to the bathroom. I’d hate to have someone run to use the bathroom and be unable to get all their clothing off in time! Since the playground is covered with roots and pinecones, the children will need to keep their shoes on. Make sure that your child is wearing shoes that you will not mind them getting wet or dirty. You might want to consider coating them in sunscreen that morning before school. They will also need to bring towels – not new ones! You can’t possibly imagine how dirty your towels will be that day! Once we leave our classroom, we will have all our book bags and lunchboxes on the porch. No one will be going back into the classroom once Splash Day begins. The children will exit from the arena to Miss Dean’s back porch carpool area.

*Now: All CFI library books are due now.
*Return Sandhills library books there.
*Thank you for finishing up those pink primers and official orange first grade textbooks so we can inventory them as well. Send me an email when your child returns their pink and/or orange books so I can mark them returned on the school records.

*Beginning next week: The children will bring home piles of things – from papers displayed on the wall and favorite writing pieces to their book boxes and math workbooks. Could you please help them remember to empty their book bag each evening so they’ll have room for more things? Those favorite writings and books – we’ll be sure to keep them all together in your child’s official writing folder. Remember to check for their library cards in their book bags that we sent several weeks ago. I know you’ll want to be involved with the Summer Reading Program at the library; so, be sure to take those out before they get lost in the end-of-the-year shuffling of papers. ;)

Getting Ready for Our Talent Show! Whether they will be in the audience clapping and smiling - or on the stage sharing their gifts and talents, they always are an incredible support to each other. Last year, one young friend said, "Even though we've been together for 2 years, I learned even more new things today about my friends!" We can’t wait!